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Tasha Christine

@browsebucks is awesome!
You can earn points towards gift cards for doing what you already do! And downloading their browser is super easy!

Tim B

I’m loving BrowseBucks and everyone should download this awesome browser extension!


I LOVE @browsebucks 💜 Earn points towards gift cards while doing what I do everyday anyways. Simple and rewarding 😎

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Big tech earned $500 Billion last year From Selling Your Data.

We believe you should get a piece of that.
We do this by anonymously sharing your data with brands and rewarding you for it.
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Frequently asked questions

What does BrowseBucks do with my data?

No one will be able to see your data or browsing history. We anonymize and cohort user data for brands. We will never give brands access to specific browsing data. They will see only high-level browsing trends for a cohort (ex. Shopping visited by 25-40 females in New York). We will never share your personal information (email, phone number, etc).

How can I pause the extension

Right now you can disable the extension in the Chrome settings under Chrome://extensions

Does BrowseBucks work with an ad blocker?

Yeah, BrowseBucks works with any ad blocker or any VPN

What browsers are compatible with BrowseBucks?

BrowseBucks is currently available on Google Chrome.

How soon will I be rewarded?

Points are given to you at sign up and every day that you’re browsing. You may also refer friends to be rewarded sooner. We are looking at the average amount of time people spend browsing online and aim to give the highest amount of rewards back.

I live outside the US but want to use BrowseBucks.

Right now we only are available in the US. We will support more countries soon.
You can join our waitlist and we will notify you when it's available in your country

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